Equine Awareness


Let the horses be your guides as they lead you on a journey toward accessing your inner wisdom.

Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL) is an educational model which assists clients in their own personal growth and development. The tools used in EFEL  focus on enhancing  our authentic connection, emotional fitness, boundary and energetic awareness. These tools are the basis of The Epona Approach™.

The Epona Approach™  was developed  by Linda Kohanov, internationally acclaimed author of The Tao of Equus, speaker, riding instructor and horse trainer who specializes in equine facilitated learning. More information can be found on the Epona website www.the taoofequus.com. Epona Approved Instructors  have graduated from a year long apprenticeship program and are qualified to teach Epona techniques in horse-human relationship skills:  mind-body awareness, emotional fitness, assertiveness and empowerment. 

The beauty of  EFEL is that no horse experience is necessary.  Horse–human interactions and activities occur on the ground in a safe environment.  Horses often mirror our suppressed or unexpressed emotions.  In a very non-judgmental way, they show us where we are stuck in old patterns.  As our awareness expands, we are able to move beyond our survival patterns into new and exciting ways of thriving in our lives.

Equine Awareness Programs
  • Private Sessions
  • Small Group Sessions
  • Workshops

Please note: The programs and services offered by Equine Awareness are not psychotherapy and are not appropriate for those with active mental health issues.  Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is available however, and can be found by visiting www.taoofequus.com.

                         Upcoming Workshops: To Be Announced

  • Location: Amado, Arizona and Tucson, Arizona  

Introductory Workshops Cover:
Using emotion as information
Accessing a more authentic, creative presence
Recognizing and moving beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns
Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries
Using the Body Scan to tune into our bodies as sensing devices
Hands-on activities with horses as guides
Developing essential skills for building Authentic Community and enhancing relationships

For more information or to register, please email elysaginsburg@hotmail.com

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