Equine Awareness


Her life-long love of horses combined with her equestrian and psychology background, brought Elysa to her first Epona Workshop with Linda Kohanov. Feeling inspired and transformed, Elysa realized that she wanted to share the gift of this work with others and completed an intensive, year-long apprenticeship training program at the Epona International Equestrian Center. She then went on to become an Advanced Approved Instructor by completing hundreds of additional hours, including co-facilitating workshops with Linda Kohanov, in addition to serving as a facilitator for apprentices in their training to become Epona Approved Instructors.

In addition to her passion for EFEL, Elysa brings to this work a quiet strength and leadership. Her honest yet gentle intuitive insights give both depth and clarity to her clients. Her love and compassion can be felt radiating to humans and horses alike. Elysa is ranch manager of Epona Equestrian Services in Amado, Arizona, where she works with private clients and also co-facilitates with Linda Kohanov, Epona founder, and the magnificent Epona herd. She also meets with clients in Tucson, Arizona, with her wonderful horse, Dylano.

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